The business scope includes: air-conditioning system, indoor and outdoor decoration, renovation engineering, demolition restoration engineering, building renovation engineering, water and electricity engineering, waterproof engineering, optimization engineering, lighting system optimization engineering, seasonal service, supply of materials...

About HongYi

It has been nearly three years since the establishment of Hongyi Engineering Development Company. It was established by Mr. Jiang Hongwei in 2017. It is a young and powerful company in the engineering industry in Hong Kong.
Mr. Kong Hongwei has more than 15 years of experience in air-conditioning system engineering in the engineering industry, installation, maintenance and improvement works in air-conditioning repairs, including window air conditioners, split units, central air-conditioning systems, inverter air-conditioners, multi-unit air-conditioners .
Cooperative clients include large housing estates, commercial buildings, shopping malls, government departments, large brand enterprises, charities, etc...
In terms of decoration projects, our customers include shops, residential buildings, public areas of housing estates, and housing estate clubs...
Hongyi Engineering is committed to providing customers with a full range of one-stop services, in line with the purpose of putting customers first, we can also provide suitable solutions for them.

Our Professional Certificate

Company Goals

Hongyi believes that engineering is a promising and bright industry, and it also needs more young power.

Growth and Progress

We use traditional management methods and modern management to cater to the company's employees of different ages, thereby simplifying the time for sending messages and reflecting opinions, so that the company can bring more effective growth and progress.

Accept the Change

Hongyi is willing to change and accept changes, because the opinions of customers and employees can make Hongyi go further

Improve service

In order to develop an innovative engineering service business model and allow customers to experience a more considerate new engineering service, Hongyi will continue to optimize its management model and train more high-quality talents along the road, and improve the quality of service, based on the "trust" of our customers. The core value of our service.

Company Mission

Operating attentively and customer-oriented, the company has many years of relevant talents and experience team, encouraging the realization of common goals - Hongyi is committed to developing high-quality works with efficiency and reasonable prices, building a good image for the company, and obtaining full trust and credit from customers .