Gardening Engineering Service

Undertake garden design projects, rich experience, professional, arborist, planting design, tree crown finishing, tree maintenance.
Provide green building services, design and pruning planting of plants, stone mountains, running water, scenery, etc., tree maintenance, greening projects, Gardening design, gardening engineering.
Services: Gardening engineering, gardening design, tree maintenance.

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Gardening design
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Tree maintenance
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Pruning planting
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Planting design

Gardening projects include:

Design, maintenance, management, construction, display and construction

  1. Greening maintenance, repairing/sawning trees, cutting grass, etc.
  2. Gardening tools, automatic irrigation system equipment
  3. Gardening supplies, flower pots, soil, fertilizer, etc.
  4. Agronomic supplies, combined planting grid, organic planting soil, peanut bran, bone meal
  5. Farm garden greenhouse design, shelter project and organic agronomy tutor service
  6. Sales of potted plants, wholesale
  7. Organizing gardening projects for major hotels, companies, housing estates, schools and private units, etc.


Steel and aluminum products

Provide all kinds of steel and aluminum products, fences, roller shutters, mosquito nets, bath screens, demolition projects, schools, institutional projects, interior decoration and home maintenance and other large and small projects. The company has purchased third-party insurance, the government Registered electrical contractor.

To undertake various types of anti-gate and rolling gate projects, crystal gates, steel gates, iron gates, electric gates, based on the principles of reasonable prices, clear prices, and quality assurance. We set up our own local custom-made workshop to ensure that the material and assembly quality of the rolling shutters are not comparable to those of domestic shipping. We welcome you to learn more about the operation with your heart.

Ironware engineering and maintenance services

We also provide one-stop wrought iron structure design and calculation, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services, including: gates, iron flowers, fences, railing rivers, stair railings, canopies, sculptures and pavilions, etc.


Main brake and car brake

Type: Home Ownership, Public Housing, Private Housing, Village House, Industrial and Commercial Building.



Type: Home Ownership, Public Housing, Private Housing, Village House, Industrial and Commercial Building.