Power system and water supply system engineering

Including: (water pipes and plumbing works, waterproof leaks, lighting works)

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Design positioning and routing
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Leakage test
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Drainage pipe renovation
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Boost test

Power System Engineering

Hongyi Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2017, adhering to many years of experience, with the service tenet of integrity, quality, development and inheritance. Professionally provide electrical engineering, leak-proof and waterproof engineering, plumbing engineering and decoration engineering.

Provide one-stop decoration service, can choose suitable materials according to different customers' preferences, and save time for customers.

Water supply system

Water pipes and water works generally include: design and positioning, drainage pipe modification, pressurization test, water leakage, water seepage, crack repair services, etc.


Lighting system optimization project

(Lighting installation, lighting design, door-to-door lighting, living room lighting design, lamp maintenance, lamp purchase, etc.)


Waterproof leak detection service project

(Internal and external walls, waterproof leaks, bathtubs, windowsills, roofs and ceiling leaks, etc., confidence guaranteed! Waterproof works, waterproof leaks.)